solar water heater for swimming pools

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Tamil Nadu, India
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Water Heater
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Common suggestion for swimming pool water heating is to install few parabolic dish type



Common suggestion for swimming pool water heating is to install few parabolic dish type solar water heaters, to harness and utilize the solar radiation, for our day to day use, and in this case, an important utility, like swimming pool. Many of us will not dare to venture in the cold water, however beautiful the swimming pool may be. The proposition was to keep three parabolic dish type solar water heating units, floating on the surface of swimming pool water, and tow them across the length and breadth of the swimming pool. This will facilitate uniform heating of the pool water, besides ensuring maximum solar heat absorption, by the swimming pool water. While the arrangement proposal seems to be good, is cumbersome, as one has to stir out in open sun, and take the trouble of doing this job. The existing solar panels, presently if any on the top of the first floor, can be fully exploited by opening all the panels, so that the reserve capacity of the existing flat-plate type is put to use completely. These alternatives, need additional investment and space for execution, and do not tend to use the already existing facilities, in and around the swimming pool. Why not suggest something, as a retrofit, to already existing utility, around the swimming pool, and the design features of such a retrofit is enumerated below.

In this proposal, we use the existing winding arrangement with drum, which is motorized, and any given direction reversal, that is needed. A uniform cover like clothing type, solar heat absorbing foil, made of pure copper sheet, will be formed to suit the existing surface of the swimming pool. This foil will be spread on the surface of water, and will be submerged underneath the surface, by say 1 to 2 mm. As the water surface is still, this arrangement will enable direct tapping of the solar energy for heating the water. Movement and spread of this heating cover will pose some problem. For that as we already have the drive arrangement, we need not bother. We may have to embed two 1inch pipe as shown in the drawing. The two pipes will be located in the swimming pool on either side, as shown in the drawing. These pipes, help in holding the sheet underneath the surface of water, besides guiding the heating film back to the roller feed, when not required, say when we clean up the water periodically, once a month. The cover sheet besides heating the swimming pool water, will serve the purpose of preventing leaf dust and debris falling along with wind. That way it will be a double purpose cover. On the top surface, we can give a black color chrome coating to further boost the heat absorption. Even if by chance the existing roller arrangement by chance goes out of order, this sheet can simply be rolled in to a bundle, and kept aside.