Computer Programs For Motor-Re Winders To Obtain Important Data Needed While Rewinding The Motor

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The Computer programe is developed on the basis of established design practices of squireil cage and wire-wound motors. We need to give minimum input data, to obtain essential data required for rewinding a old motor with out any background details. Essential dta like air gap, copper conductor size and it's wire guage equivalent.This saves lot of time and material cost involved in blind guess. The programe will be given in a Formated Compact Disc with instructions for proper use.
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Motor re winders face problem while rewinding old motors with minimum details. Data like air gap, conductor size can be generate


Computer program for the benefit of Motor Re-winders.

The performance characteristics of ageing motors deteriorate over a period, and when power consumption is heavy, they are normally scrapped. Such motors are normally rewound and put to operation once again. Some of the motors of past design are quite sturdy, and except for the rotor wear and damage during operation, the other parts of motor do not undergo so much of damage, particularly the stator frame, terminal box and end covers etc. These motors can be successfully retrofitted to the extent possible, with in the frame size and design. For rewinding and for maintaining the correct air gap, it is necessary the critical dimensions of the motor are maintained during repeat assemblies, as per the frame size, motor speed, type of winding and power rating. Unfortunately for these motors of old design, such design/performance data is either lost or not legible. Under the circumstance, correct retrofitting becomes an impossible task.

 A computer program was developed to generate critical dimensional and performance data of squirrel cage / wire wound motor, with minimum inputs from the motor. The name plate details are the minimum that is expected to be fed to the program.

 The computer program output gives sufficient dimensional details of the motor, for maintenance of the correct air gap and also details required for rewinding. Details like the pole pitch, slot width, area of the groove etc., enable correct rewinding of the motor with optimum copper wire dimensions. Sample input and output data of the computer program, is enclosed below. The computer program is very much useful for motor rewinders and for those involved in quality assurance studies related to electric motors.

         Guidelines for using the program

The programme is based on standard design procedure adapted for squirrel cage and wire wound induction motors. The efficiency and power factor of the machine  are arrived at using a polynomial fitted for the purpose. This is a curve fitting exercise using different data available from leading manufacturers and established design data. IF.ELSE END IF logic is used for the above.

The program is supplied in the executable format ZTM.EXE, and does not need any support other than input data to execute the program. Use the standard EDIT command in DOS mode of operation, to edit the input and output files IPE and OPE. Enter the 9 digit key number supplied with the pack, as sequential input data at serial number 1 in input file IPE. Then on Enter Sequential input data at Serial numbers 2 to 7, as shown in input file IPE. After saving the input file, execute the program ZTM.EXE. The output file OPE; will be automatically written in the floppy disc at A drive. If the program does not run at all, check for the correctness of the nine digit key number. If there are overflow errors and run time errors, check for major deviations in input data like the stator bore diameter which should not be less than 0.100 metres and not greater than 0.500 meters. Same way Insulation class can be only six classes. HP should not be more than 250  . The program is meant for single client use and as such will not work if copied on to another application. Each client has a separate key number for security purpose. Major output performance parameters as given in serial number 1 to 66 in the output file OPE, can be compared with motor manufacturers recommendations, and discrepancies if any, may please be brought to our notice to enable us to modify the program accordingly. 



         01, xxxxxxxxx          Nine digit number key given. to clients

         02, 15                       Motor Horse power as indicated in name


        03, 1500                     Revolutions per minute of shaft rotation.

        04, 0.075                    Stator bore diameter in meters.

        05, 2                   Type of rotor arrangement in motors.1 for

                                   Slip ring, and 2 for  Squirrel cage induction


        06, 2                        Insulation class1 to 6, designates class A

                                        to F Insulation.

        07,200                  Line voltage, 230 for single phase and 415

                                             for three phase.